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Frequently Asked Questions

Tax Strategy Consulting Questions

What Does A Tax Strategy Consultant Do?

When you work with a tax professional like Kedra A Flowers, you get help with your business before, during, and after tax preparation.

Before Tax Preparation

A professional tax consultant provides you with tax strategy and advice, but tax planning doesn’t just happen when you’re filing your taxes — it’s a year-round project. Kedra A Flowers is experienced at helping you at strategic points during the business year, and you should meet with a tax consultant every quarter, at minimum, to discuss tax strategies. Tax consultants will be up-to-date with any new tax laws and regulations and can provide advice on how to navigate these changes.

During Tax Preparation

Your tax consultant may also be the person who prepares your taxes. If you pay business taxes through your personal tax return, such as many self-employed people do, you should have the same person prepare both your business and personal returns so you can coordinate deductions and savings. For example, lower business income means lower self-employment taxes.

After Tax Preparation

When your tax return is filed, you may still be in need of a tax consultant. Not only will your tax professional help you with business strategies for the next financial year, but they will also be by your side if you get an audit letter from the IRS. Kedra A Flowers CPA PC will represent you and your business with the IRS examiner so that you can focus on what you do best — running your business. Learn more about IRS audit representation.

Questions About Tax Relief Services

Where can I go to learn more about your tax relief services?

That’s easy! Go to ConfidentialTaxRelief.com

What is tax relief?

“Tax relief” is a blanket term that refers to any number of programs and initiatives that can help you settle or reduce your tax debts.

Our Services

Do you charge for initial tax consultations?

No, your initial phone consultation is free.

What areas of the United States do you serve?

We help taxpayers nationwide become compliant with their tax filings.

How do I schedule a tax consultation?

That’s easy! Just contact us.


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