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Kedra A. Flowers CPA PC can offer more than professional tax preparation assistance—we also
provide captivating courses for attorneys, CPAs, and entrepreneurs pursuing
continuing education.

Who Should Attend?

The IRS Playbook:

Tax Resolution Webinar

Confidently handle tax resolution cases.

….As seen at the IRS Nationwide Tax Forum.



Why Should You Add Tax Resolution to Your Practice?

  • Add a New Revenue Stream to your firm.
  • You’re likely already doing it for free?
  • Continue being the Go-To professional for all things tax.
  • Increase your value to your clients & colleagues
  • Specialized Knowledge Leads to Higher Fees

Upcoming Dates:

May 7-9, 2024

9 AM – 3 PM

DAILY Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday


Unlimited Revenue Opportunities & Direct Phone mentorship with Ms. Flowers…… PRICELESS
1 Client Referral will pay for your course.

What You Get


Live Online Course


Live Course Replay

$ 600

Online Course Replay

$ 200

Up to 2 case coaching


Penalty Relief / OIC & AI Tools Integration


Total Course Value




irs playbook

The IRS Playbook: (REPLAY)

Tax Resolution Simplified

Kedra A. Flowers CPA PC offers more than professional tax relief services–we also provide captivating courses for attorneys, CPAs, entrepreneurs, and many others pursuing continuing education. This hands-on, collaborative course can teach you negotiating skills.

Are you ready to get a win for your clients?

Business Coaching:
Dreams Fulfilled

Do you feel like you have a greater purpose than you’re experiencing? Kedra Flowers can help you build a life you’ll love. With decades of experience and education, She has a background that makes her uniquely qualified to take you where you want to go.

Stop wondering what you’re doing wrong. Dreams Fulfilled Coaching wants to make your vision a reality.

The Dreams Fulfilled Coaching
Program Offers:

tax free


As a CPA of almost 30 years, Kedra Flowers shifts the mindset of business owners from the heaviness of taxes to the world of creation. She challenges you to focus on creating the business and life of your dreams, despite Taxes. Her mission is to challenge your views and shift you from the scarcity mindset of tax avoidance to the abundance mindset of business growth.

As a matter of fact, why not blow up and make so many millions that you could care less about taxes! Like Trump, pay CPAs and attorneys instead of taxes. She promotes being intentional about tax planning to create unlimited wealth without tax worries.

Discover candid conversations about optimizing your life and taxes right here on Dreams and Taxes. Host Kedra Flowers breaks down practical ways to manage taxes, escape gripping IRS problems and finally achieve the financial freedom and peace of mind you deserve.

Media Guests

Kedra Flowers was special guest on 05/16/2022 on Money & You Podcast with Michelle Perkins

Have you ever been in IRS fear? That’s a place no one wants to be. Fortunately, Kedra Flowers’ has seen it all when it comes to IRS problems and she has been working through the issues with clients successfully since 1996. She is a serial entrepreneur committed to contributing positive energy and guidance to the world by leaving a positive imprint on everyone she touches. Kedra has provided professional guidance as a CPA and Power of Attorney for taxpayers dealing with IRS issues. With continued growth, her corporate structure has changed but her commitment to cultivating relationships and guiding clients to freedom and peace of mind has not. Listen in for some of the ways she has helped clients reduce and eliminate their tax dilemmas as well as how to avoid them altogether. She has been featured regularly as a tax subject matter expert on NBC 5 News DFW and has contributed content to minority-owned legacy newspaper publications including The North Dallas Gazette and The Dallas Examiner.


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