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Tax Strategy Consulting

Kedra A. Flowers CPA PC Team Focuses On Solutions.
We help you stay compliant and improve your bottom line.

Tax Management

Stay Compliant and Improve Your Bottom Line

Managing tax responsibilities and solving tax issues can be complex and end up taking up a lot of your precious time. When you choose to work with Kedra A Flowers for tax strategy consulting, you will learn strategies for saving money that you can utilize for years to come. Kedra A Flowers has been helping businesses like yours find tax relief since 1996, and she can help you create the proper business structure and planning you need to be successful. Contact her in Dallas today to get started.

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We help you stay on top of your tax obligations

The IRS, as well as state and local governments, imposes strict deadlines for business tax obligations. Missing these tax deadlines and failing to comply with payroll and sales taxes negatively impacts your bottom line and may result in fines for non-compliance.

Avoid Penalties and Fees

As your trusted advisor, we make sure you stay on top of your tax obligations and avoid penalties and fees that reduce your profitability.  We specialize in tax relief services as well in case you find yourself owing the IRS back taxes.

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Advocate On Your Behalf

After we talk with you and help determine your tax planning and strategy, we are your tax expert with the IRS.  You can rely on us to help reduce the likelihood of an audit.

Help Improve Your Profitability

We help look for deductions to improve your profitability.  We are your tax experts to assist with tax implications of life events like marriage, divorce, births, and deaths.

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can help improve your bottom line.


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What's the Difference?

Tax Consultant vs. Tax Preparer

It’s important to understand what makes tax consulting different from tax preparation. In short, a tax preparer prepares income tax forms and you utilize their services once a year when you are filing your taxes. A tax consultant, on the other hand, is a tax professional with more in-depth knowledge of the tax code and assists clients or businesses who have more complex financial concerns.

For example, if you are self-employed, a business owner, the beneficiary of a trust, or are in professions with complex taxation rules such as nonprofits, it may be a good idea to hire a tax consultant like Kedra A Flowers in Dallas.

Why You Need A Tax Advisor

There are certain actions you can take to reduce your tax liability, and we can help with finding out how to make the tax dedications you need. Depending on your financial situation, you may benefit from a tax shelter or a tax extension.

A good, credentialed tax consultant like Kedra A Flowers can save you money that would otherwise simply go to the IRS. Tax advisors have the experience and expert knowledge of the complicated and confusing tax code, within which are buried tax breaks that the average business owner most likely doesn’t recognize.

Aside from tax returns, a tax strategy consultant can help you plan to make tax-advantaged financial decisions in key areas like retirement, estate planning, and business management. Business tax season is year-round, and it’s important to have someone on your side to help you strategize so that you can improve your bottom line.


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